For members

Find information here about registering with Quick, your membership and the contribution. This information is especially relevant for members of Quick Amsterdam. Do you want to become a member? Then sign up quickly!

Enroll at Quick

If you liked the three free training sessions, register with Quick. To become a member, we ask you to fill in the registration form. This way we can easily collect the contribution. Do you prefer to pay in installments? Please contact to discuss the possibilities.


Usually, we determine the contribution fee for the coming season in the month of March. Below you’ll find the contribution rates for the 2022 season.


Contribution per year*



€ 246,00

€ 180,00


€ 246,00

€ 180,00

Trainings only

€ 120

€ 92,00

Double member

€ 305,00

€ 234,00

Non playing member

€ 86,00

€ 86,00



Contribution per year


6 - 12 years

€ 138,00


12 - 15 years

€ 166,00


15 - 21 years

€ 185,00

Trainings only

Under 18 years

€ 86,00

Your membership

Membership at Quick Amsterdam runs from January 1st to December 31st. At the end of a calendar year, your membership will be tacitly renewed. We pay a contribution for each member to the association (KNBSB) based on the list of members as of January 1st.

Change and cancel

If you want to change or cancel your membership, send an email to before January 1st. It is not possible to cancel during the year and receive a refund for the remaining time.

Transfer period

Outside the transfer period (mid-October to mid-November), we do not cooperate in a transfer to another association. Barring exceptions, such as moving to another municipality.

Playing at Quick

Baseball/Softball is a team sport. With your membership at Quick Amsterdam you are making a social commitment to your team and to the association.

Commitments to your team

The training sessions and (home) matches take place on fixed days and times. Keep this in mind in your own agenda so that you can always be present at the training sessions and competitions (on time). You count on your teammates and your teammates count on you. A team usually consists of 12-14 players and nine players are always needed for a match. We don’t want to have to move matches due to a shortage of players, so keep this in mind if you’re considering canceling a match.

Obligations to the association

Quick runs entirely on volunteers. All our members (or the parents of youth members) do various volunteer activities per season (e.g. referee, bar service, odd jobs) and/or fulfill a role within the association (e.g. member of a committee, competition secretary, team controller or board position). Ask your coach or team supervisor about this for more information and make sure you contribute also.

Clothing / uniform for all members

You can order competition clothing in our webshop. A uniform consists of an overshirt, undershirt, pants, socks, belt and a cap. The store is managed by our clothing committee. You can contact them if you have any questions about the next fitting session or other matters.

Shoes: on the field it is best to wear baseball shoes (with rubber studs) but football boots, artificial grass shoes and hockey shoes are also good.

Clothing loan scheme for youth members

Once a youth member has registered with Quick, he/she will be offered a pair of trousers and an overshirt on loan.

The new youth member still needs to purchase a cap, belt, socks, undershirt and a glove. A cup (toque) is mandatory for the boys!

If equipment is on loan, it must be returned at the end of the season. Material will be made available again at the start of the next season.

The items should be handled normally and they may only be worn during competitions (not during trainings). If damage occurs to the on-loan items, it will be assessed whether this is normal wear and tear or wear as a result of incorrect use. If it concerns normal wear and tear, the person in question will receive new items on loan. If the damage is the result of misuse, new items will be issued for a fee.

In the event of loss or theft of items, no new items will be issued on loan. The person will have to purchase the necessary items.


Glove: you can borrow a glove from the club at the beginning. We do this because a new glove is quite an investment: about €100 – €150. You can ask teammates or your coach for advice on what to look out for when buying your own glove (new or second-hand).

Other equipment: Other materials such as bats and helmets are provided by the club. We know that sometimes players want to have their own helmet. Buying your own helmet is completely fine, provided it is in the color of the club (royal blue / royal blue).


Newsletters: we regularly send out a short newsletter via MailChimp called ‘De Korte Stop’ (The Short Stop). The distribution list is created based on the email addresses provided during registration. If you would like to add an email address, please contact the secretary.

For information about training sessions, game times and locations and attendance, all clubs of the baseball association use the ‘KNBSB Competition’ app. This can be found in the Apple and Google app stores. Sign in with the email address you used to sign up for Quick. Then it should show itself. You can also set your privacy level here. This level determines which information from your player card (name, photo, membership number) is visible to other users of the app.

Communication within the teams usually takes place via WhatsApp. The phone number used during registration will be added to the team’s app group. If you want to have another number added, ask the coach / administrator of the app group.


We offer various courses for members such as referee and scorer courses. You will receive information about this by email or via the coach/team supervisor.

Social activities: Quick also organizes various fun activities throughout the year, such as a New Year’s activity, board game evenings, clinics or outings. You will be informed about this by email or visit the (private) Facebook page of Quick Amsterdam.

Confidential advisers

Quick has two confidential advisers. If a situation arises that you do not feel comfortable with and you want to discuss this confidentially with someone, please contact Boudewijn or Brigitte.

Brigitte Kalkhoven: 

Boudewijn Gelaudi: